HMC7057A-M Datasheet

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Datasheet for the HMC7057A-M

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1. Human Machine Controller HMC7057A-M 5.7” 6-Key Graphic HMC Controller/Operator Interface Software Features Include: • Bright (16-Bit) 32K Color TFT Display • 320 x 240 Pixel Resolution • Touchscreen Display • 6 User-Defined Function Keys • Serial and USB Ports • Supports 5 Plug-in I/O Expansion Modules • IP65 Design, CE and UL Certified, Class I Div. 2 • Ladder Logic • Create Objects With Multiple Tasks • Data Logging — Time or Trigger Based • Option for USB Memory Storage • Windows Fonts, Supports International Characters • Multiple Languages (9 Languages Per Object) • Security for Projects, Screens, and Objects • Recipe Management • Alarm Management • Trending: 4 Channels, Real-Time, History, and Time/Date Capture • Pop-Up Windows M aple Systems’ 5.7” Graphic HMC is an all-in-one PLC and Graphic HMI — a hybrid unit that packs the functionality of a PLC and an HMI into one box. In addition this unit accepts up to 5 plug-in I/O expansion modules to give you the options you need. The HMI portion supports both touchscreen and function key interface capabilities. The touchscreen is a 32K color TFT display. In addition there are six fully programmable function keys which run vertically adjacent to the touchscreen. This unit supports both operator interface as well as programmable logic controller features, and it allows users to incorporate a control program using standard Ladder Logic programming. It also supports 32-bit high-speed counters (normal and quadrature mode), timers and counters, internal coils, retentive and non-retentive memory, and PID functionality. With these models a PLC logic block can be executed at power up, during every scan, upon receiving an interrupt on specific I/O pins or upon a timer interrupt. In addition, these units can display both real time and historical alarms. 808 134th St. SW, Suite 120, Everett, WA 98204, 425.745.3229, 425.745.3429 (fax),, DS-HMC7057AM Rev01, 01/24/2012 Back of Unit Shown with Optional I/O Modules

2. Hardware CPU Type 32-bit RISC, 200MHz Memory 8MB Total, 6 MB max for screen memory Serial Ports Com1: RS-232/RS-485, 2 wire or 4 wire Com2: RS-485 2 wire PLC Ladder Memory 960KB I/O Expansion Ports 5 (for optional I/O modules) USB 1 Host port, 1 slave port RTC Built-in Display Type 5.7” TFT color Dimensions of Display 4.5” x 3.8” Resolution (pixels) 320 x 240 Brightness (cd/m 2 ) 400 Contrast Ratio 350:1 Max Colors 32K for bitmaps, and 256 colors for drawing tools Backlight LED Backlight Longevity 50,000 hours at 25 ° C Touchscreen Type 4 wire analog resistive Lifespan 1 Million activations minimum Resolution Continuous Keypad Function Keys 6 Programmable keys Environmental Operating Temperature 32 ~ 122 o F (0~50 o C) Storage Temperature -4 ~ 176 o F (-20 ~ 80 o C) Relative Humidity 10-85% rH@40 o C non-condensing Shock (operation) 25g of acceleration for 11 ms Ratings IP65, NEMA4 Certifications CE, EMI FCC Class A, cULus, Class I, Div 2 Rated Mechanical Enclosure Plastic molding Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.68 x 5.59 x 1.97 inches [195 mm x 142 mm x 50 mm] Panel Cutout Dimensions (WxH) 7.24 x 5.16 inches [184 mm x 131 mm] Weight 1.57 lbs (.71Kg) Mounting Panel Power Requirements 24VDC, 210mA Warranty 1 year Order Number HMC7057A-M 5.7” TFT Graphic HMC with I/O Expansion Ports 7.7” 7.7” 3.5” 2.0” 1.8” 5.6” 808 134th St SW, Suite 120 Everett, WA 98204 425.745.3229 425.745.3429 (fax) Note: measurements rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch Specifications may change without notice


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