High Gain 11 dBi Log Periodic Dipole Array Cellular LTE - N-F Connector

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    10.8 dBi @ 698-960 MHz, 11 dBi @ 1710-2700 MHz, 2.3 dBi @ 3400-3800 MHz with 0.3 meter cable and N Female connector

    High Gain Log Periodic Dipole Array Cellular LTE Yagi

    This high-gain, wideband, directional antenna covers all international cellular, mobile, and wireless data bands including GSM 900/ GSM1800/UMTS/LTE bands. It also covers the extended cellular and WiMAX bands such as European/USA “Digital Dividend bands” and 2.3- 2.7GHz licensed and unlicensed data bands. Its configuration is suitable for various wireless communications systems. This antenna is unique in its combination of the ultra-wide-band operator with consistent high-gain performance.

                  High gain directional antenna
                  Easy alignment with the main beam around 50° wide
                  Broadband covering multiple operational frequencies
                  Pole mountable
                  Water and dust resistant
                  0.3 meter cable with N Female Connector
                  Wide Bandwidth 698 – 960 MHz | 1710 – 2700 MHz | 3400 –3800 MHz

                  LPDA-92 Datasheet