Mobility (Puma) 22G 2x Cellular 2x Wi-Fi 1x GPS SMA Connectors

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This is a midsize dome antenna 5.12 inch diameter, 1.42 Inches high.
1.2dBi at 617-960MHz, 5.7dBi at 1710-2700MHz, 5.6dBi at 3400-4200MHz, 6.0dBi at 5000-6000MHz

Puma 22G 2x Cellular 2x Wi-Fi  1x GPS SMA Connectors

With 2 cellular channels, 2 Wi-Fi channels, and a high gain LNA GPS, the Puma 22G is a versatile all-in-one cellular antenna solution. It has 2×2 MIMO and dual-band Wi-Fi for high bandwidth and solid reliability.

Frequency Range:

  • 1.2dBi: 617-960MHz

  • 5.7dBi: 1710-2700MHz

  • 5.6dBi: 3400-4200MHz

  • 6.0dBi: 5000-6000MHz

Puma 22G Datasheet