8 Digital In, 8 Digital Out, 10 Analog PLC with Starter Kit

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    FMD88-10 PLC Starter Kit. 8 Digital In, 8 Digital Out, 10 Analog, RS-485,-RS-232 and Ethernet, plus Sofware, Manuals and Cable

    FMD88-10 High Functionality PLC

    The FMD88-10 PLC is a successor to our highly popular T100MD888+ PLC but features a built-in Ethernet port that can be connected directly to a network router, switch, or hub for access to the LAN or to the Internet. FMD88-10 is carefully designed to be a near drop-in replacement for the T100MD888+ but with better features, more memory and faster speed. These boards can be both a master and a slave, support PID, stepper motor control, PWM, high speed counters, sequencers, analogs and a direct drive for an LCD. Highly versatile communications functions and custom protocol support. Add additional functionality with expansion boards to fit almost any application.

    The FMD88-10 PLC starter kit comes with FMD88-10 PLC, ITRiLOGI programming software and license, and DB9 serial cable for programming.

    • Starter kit Includes: FMD88-10 PLC, ITRiLOGI programming software and license, and DB9 serial cable for programming
    • 8 NPN digital inputs
    • 8 digital output (sink 4A peak, 2A continuous)
    • Up to 120 digital inputs, 120 outputs using expansion boards
    • 8 Analog inputs (0 - 5V, 12-bit)
    • 2 Analog outputs 2 (0 - 5V or 0 - 10V)
    • 4 PWM capable outputs (current) (1A x 2, 4A x 2)
    • 3 Stepper Motor Controllers (10,000 pps)
    • 2 High speed counters (10 KHz)
    • 1 RS232 port
    • 1 RS485 port (2-wire)
    • 1 14-pin LCD port
    • 1 ethernet port
    • Program flash memory 8K words (16K optional)
    • 11K words with FRAM-RTC Option
    • Supports Ladder and BASIC programming
    • Modbus (ASCII,RTU,TCP) Omron C20H, ASCII host link, and user definable communication protocol support
    • Dimensions: 4.825” x 4.45” x 1.0”
    • -20 to +85 C temperature operation
    • 24 VDC