Multi-Band 6 in 1 LTE MIMO & 3x3 802.11ac Antennas with GPS/GLONASS

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    6 in 1 antenna. 3 WiFi, 2 Cell, 1 GPS/Glonass

    Multi-Band LTE MIMO & 3x3 802.11ac Antennas with GPS/GLONASS

    The Trooper™ antenna provides optimal 4G LTE and dual-band 3x3 802.11ac Wi-Fi coverage in a single, low-profile housing. Its compact footprint makes this antenna ideal for installation on surfaces with limited surface space, including leading public safety vehicle rooftops and many machine-to-machine applications. The antennas also incorporates a unique high rejection GPS/GLONASS technology for optimal performance and support of carrier voice and data networks.  

    • 1-inch hole, 3/4-inch long (.75”) zinc stud mount with jam nut  

    • Two-17 feet Pro-Flex™ Plus 195 (4G LTE)  SMA M (LTE)

    • Three-17 feet Pro-Flex™ Plus 195 (802.11ac Wi-Fi)  Reverse Polarity SMA M (Wi-Fi)

    • One-17 feet RG-174/U (GNSS)  SMA M (GNSS)

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